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The Train Home

The Train Home by Kilted Wookie Laughing as they raced along the platform, Sharon and David lept on to the train as the conductor's whistle blew. "Made it!" Sharon gasped as the carriage doors closed and locked behind her, her face flushed from the effort of their mad dash through the station. "Yeah! But only just!" David replied, his face as red as his girlfriend's. "Oops!" Sharon exclaimed, falling against her boyfriend as the train lurched into motion. She kissed him lightly then smiled. "C'mon," she said, "let's get a seat." Making their way down the aisle, swaying against the rocking motion of the deserted carriage, the young couple sat down at the first table seat, David taking the inside seat, Sharon snuggling up against him as she took the seat beside him. "Put your coat over me, Dave, I'm a bit chilly," Sharon complained. David did as he was asked as the conductor's voice crackled over the publ