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An Expression Of Lust

An Expression Of Lust
by Kilted Wookie

Lying on her bed, Sarah's body tingled with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below her and wearing only a smile, she awaited his approach. Entering the bedroom, Carl saw her lying naked and proud as she awaited waited expectantly for him. Sarah's eyes shone with desire as Carl crossed the room and climbed on to the bed to kneel beside her. With a glance, he devoured her. With a smile, he lowered his face to hers.

Their lips touched, igniting their passion. Sarah's hands explored Carl's firm body. He caressed her face tenderly as his tongue explored her mouth.

As they kissed, Sarah reached down, almost absently, and began to stroke Carl's cock. As Sarah's fingers caressed his shaft, Carl sighed. "I'll have to do something about this," Sarah whispered softly, her fingers circling his thick rod. Carl smiled at her, his eyes appealing, telling Sarah, without words, exactly what he wanted her to do.

Wasting no time, Sarah made her way down Carl's body, kissing his chest and stomach before finally positioning herself between his legs. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around his cock and begin to move them slowly up and down. Leaning forward, she flicked her tongue over the head and Carl moaned appreciatively. Uncurling her fingers, Sarah swirled her tongue around his shaft then licked lightly along the underside, all the way from his balls to the tip.

"You're so good," Carl moaned then sighed as Sarah teased him with her tongue, licking up and down his shaft then swirling her tongue around the head. He brought his knees up and she leaned forward, nestling his cock between her breasts. She began to move her body up and down, exciting them both as her nipples brushed against the insides of his thighs, Carl's cock sliding easily along the length of her cleavage. The short hairs on the inside of Carl's thighs tickled Sarah's sensitive nipples as she moved, sending fiery bolts of electricity through her body.

Sarah pushed her breasts together, wrapping them around Carl's cock. His hips rocked as she slowly fucked him with her tits. "You like that, don't you?" she asked coyly. Unable to speak, Carl simply nodded as Sarah's tongue flicked out over tip of his cock, causing him to moan again as his body began to tense.

Sarah's eyes flashed hungrily as she licked her lips. Slowly, she opened her mouth and moved closer. Holding Carl's cock steadily in place with one hand, she lowered her head. "Oh fuck, yes!" she heard Carl gasp as her lips encircled his knob and slowly drew him into the warmth of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his knob then slowly began to slide her lips down his shaft. Glancing up, she caught him watching. She knew how much it turned him on to watch his cock disappear between her lips into her mouth. With one hand, Sarah cupped his balls and gently squeezed them as her lips travelled up and down his shaft.

Moving her head up and down, Carl's cock slid in and out of Sarah's mouth. At the top of each stroke she swirled her tongue around the head then flicked it across the slit, causing his hips to surge towards her.

Sucking hard, Sarah's lips slid down Carl's shaft, taking as much of his thick cock as possible into her hungry mouth. Carl lifted his hand to her head, winding his fingers in her hair as the moist warmth of her mouth began to drive him wild.

Knowing how much her lover was enjoying her attentions, Sarah wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft and began to move her hand up and down in time with her mouth. Still cupping and squeezing Carl's balls with her free hand, Sarah's mouth and other hand slid up and down in tandem. To Carl, it felt like the entire length of his cock was disappearing into the warm, wet confines of Sarah's hungry mouth and he gasped his appreciation.

"Oh Sarah!" Carl groaned as his breathing deepened, "That feels so good." His moans grew louder as Sarah's mouth glided skilfully up and down his shaft. Sarah varied the pace. First slow and gentle than hard and fast then slow again, sucking harder and then more gently as she bobbed her head up and down.

The bucking of Carl's hips became increasingly frantic as Sarah used her mouth and hand to draw him towards his inevitable climax. Holding her head lightly in place, he fucked her mouth, thrusting his cock between her lips as Sarah tightened them around his shaft.

"I'm getting close!" Carl gasped. Sarah felt his stiff cock begin to twitch inside her mouth, tasting his pre-cum on her tongue. "I can't take much more," she heard him say, smiling inwardly to herself as she noticed the strain in his voice as his swollen knob dragged along the roof of her mouth.

Pausing briefly, Sarah let Carl's cock slip from between her lips. She smiled then said, "That's all right. I want you to come. That way you'll last so much longer when you fuck me. Come in my mouth, Carl. You know how much I love to taste your hot cum.

Sarah's tongue flicked over Carl's knob then her lips engulfed it once more. She looked up, her dark brown eyes smouldering as she caught her lover's gaze, her lips sliding down his shaft. Carl's hips pressed forward, his cock slipping between her lips, his knob sliding against the roof of Sarah's mouth. She pushed his hips down then slid her lips up until only the very tip of Carl's swollen prick remained in her mouth. Sucking hard, she gripped his shaft between her thumb and forefinger and began to rub up and down. Carl's breathing deepened. As a groan escaped from his mouth, Sarah felt his body stiffen as she drove him ever closer to the edge.

Carl felt his pulse race, his breathing deepened further as he felt his climax approach. With every ounce of strength he possessed, he tried to hold back, prolonging the moment of exquisite pain as Sarah's mouth drove him relentlessly to the point of no return.

With her lips securely wrapped around the head of his cock, Sarah let her mouth relax in readiness. She tilted her head back, her eyes met his. She winked, teasing him as much with her eyes as with her fingers and mouth, the strangled groans of her lover as he struggled to deny the inevitable adding to her own arousal.

As she used the fingers of one hand stroke Carl's shaft, she gave his balls one final, gentle squeeze with the other. Unable to endure any more, Carl felt his balls contract. "Ohhhhhh, Sarah!!!!" he cried as he felt his seed boil up through his prick. "I ... I'm coming," he moaned as, with a growl of sheer animal lust, he allowed himself to let go.

Carl's cock erupted, filling Sarah's mouth with thick streams of cum. Still sucking on his tortured prick, she swallowed it quickly, savouring the sensations as her lover's thick cream trickled down her throat. As his climax began to subside, she let the last of Carl's cum pool in her mouth, letting it linger on her tastebuds before swallowing it down.

Carl's cock slipped from between Sarah's lips. A small trace of cum dribbled down her chin. Looking him in the eye, she licked her lips and smiled, making a show of wiping her chin and licking her fingers before sucking the last few drops from his rapidly diminishing cock.

Finally, Sarah moved up beside Carl and kissed him lightly on the cheek as he struggled to regain control. "Mmmmmm, that was nice. I hope there's more where that came from," she purred seductively as she pressed her body against his.

"There will be, don't worry," Carl managed to say, "Just give me some time to recover." He kissed her then smiled, feeling the warmth of her body against his. "While we're waiting for that, why don't you let me repay the compliment?" he asked before kissing her again.

"Mmmmm, that would be nice," Sarah purred, "My cunt could do with some attention."

Carl's lips moved from Sarah's mouth, kissing her face, her hair, her ears. His hands slid over her smooth skin as he began to move down.

Sarah began to moan softly. As Carl gently nibbled her neck and shoulders she squirmed with pleasure beneath him, digging her fingers into his back. She put her hands on his shoulders, pushing him down further. The flames of her passion were fanned higher as Carl's tongue traced the outline of her breasts.

A fine layer of saliva coated her soft globes. "Yesss ..." Sarah murmured softly as Carl's hands glided over the wet skin. Sarah sighed as his hands squeezed and pushed her breasts together, his tongue flicking over her nipples, alternating back and forth, over and over, slowly driving her wild. Carl sucked one nipple, then the other into his mouth, his tongue flicking their swollen tips. "Oh fuck yes! Suck my tits! Suck them, Carl!" Sarah moaned as Carl used a thumb and finger to delicately tease one nipple while his teeth bit softly down on the other. As a warm glow spread through her body, Sarah begin to lose all sense of time as she let her breasts lavish in the attention of her lover's hands and mouth.

After what seemed like an age, Carl started to move downwards again. He kissed his way across Sarah's stomach and up and down her sides, his tongue dragging across her skin. Sarah squirmed as he made his way slowly, inexorably downwards towards his goal.

As Carl approached his final destination, Sarah's body began responding to his touch. Stretching out, her legs slowly parted. She felt his hand run lightly up the inside of her thighs, approaching but never quite touching its goal. His tongue replaced his fingers. As it slid up the inside her thigh she began to feel his warm breath against her moist lower lips as Carl's mouth closed in on its target. Sarah shuddered with anticipation as she waited to feel his tongue slip between the moist folds of her cunt.

Suddenly, without any warning, Carl's tongue snaked away only to approach again, this time up the other thigh. Again and again he approached then retreated, teasing his lover mercilessly. Sarah's frustration became unbearable. Carl heard her pleading with him not to tease her, begging him to quench her fire with his tongue. "Eat me, Carl!" she demanded with an anguished cry, "Eat my cunt!"

Without any warning Carl's tongue flicked lightly over her clit. Sarah moaned, shuddering as his tongue sent bolts of pleasure through her highly charged body. Her moist lower lips parted as Carl's tongue pushed between them. Slowly, he began to caress her most sensitive flesh with broad strokes of his tongue. "Mmmmm, yessssss," Sarah purred as he lapped at her opening, tasting the warm juices that flowed so freely from within.

Carl pushed his head forward, working his tongue inside Sarah's tunnel. Her cuntcontracted, trying to grip his tongue as it darted in and out.

Absently, Sarah began to play with her breasts as Carl fucked her with his mouth. As her hands brushed over her nipples, She felt the first stirrings of her climax approach. The sensations from below began to take over and she surrendered herself to them. She shuddered as Carl sucked her enflamed lower lips into his mouth. "Yessss! Ohhhh yessssss!" she moaned, the pleasure mounting, the sensations intensifying as Carl gently nibbled on her delicate folds with his teeth.

Sarah's back arched off the bed as Carl's lips fastened on her clit, sucking as his tongue flicked its tip, driving her closer and closer to her inevitable climax.

As he sucked and licked her cunt and clit, Carl slowly inserted one finger, then another into her. Sarah felt him twist them around inside her. The walls of her cunt contracted to grip them tightly. "Oh fuck, Carl, that feels sooooo good," Sarah moaned as his fingers stroked in and out and he licked and sucked her swollen clit.

Felling the pressure inside her mount, Sarah squeezed her nipples, adding to her sensations as she felt the need to release grow. As her body began to shake, Carl felt her reach down and grip his head, pulling him harder against her mound. "Mmmmm, yesssss!" Sarah moaned as her climax approached. Carl's fingers in her cunt and his tongue against her clit drove her relentlessly onward.

"Yesss! That's it!" Carl heard her cry. The walls of Sarah's cunt contracted, gripping his fingers tightly inside her. Carl's tongue continued to tease her clit, keeping her just below boiling point, not applying enough pressure to tip her over the edge.

Sarah's movements became wilder. Her moans became louder. Her whole body cried out for release. Slowly, deliberately, Carl held her on the precipice of her orgasm for what seemed like an eternity as he savoured the rich flavour of her juices.

Finally, Carl relented. His tongue applied a little more pressure to Sarah's throbbing bud. His fingers in her cunt, his tongue on her clit and her own hands on her breasts, her fingers teasing her nipples pushed her over the edge.

"Oh fuck! Ohhhhh fuck!!!" Sarah cried as she came, loudly and violently. Her body flailed wildly, her hips bucked against the mattress forcing her harder against Carl's mouth as her climax washed over her.

Somehow, Carl sensed that, despite her release, Sarah didn't want him to stop. More gently now, with less urgency, his tongue continued to trace its way back and forth between her moist lower lips, occasionally dipping inside then lightly caressing her clit.

"Oh Carl! Oh fuck! That ... that's soooo good!!!" Sarah moaned as she rode the waves of her orgasm as it peaked, subsided then peaked again.

Carl's tongue was tender yet relentless. Each stroke against Sarah's clit sent another wave of sensations crashing through and over her. With her eyes closed, her body writhed from side to side, her fingers clutched the sheets, the merest touch of her lover's tongue sending bolts of lightning through her body.

Finally, Sarah reached the point where Carl's tongue and fingers were no longer enough. With an extreme effort of will, she reached down and pushed his head away.

Carl moved up beside her and held her in his arms as her body continued to shake. Sarah turned to kiss him. Tasting herself on his lips, she sighed. "Fuck me, Carl," she whispered breathlessly, "I want to feel you inside me."

Slowly, as control returned to her limbs and her body became her own to command once more, Sarah looked hungrily into Carl's eyes. There was no further need for words. Her body conveyed her need.

Lying face to face, she hooked one leg over his and, as they kissed, Sarah rolled on to her back, pulling him on top of her.

Leaning forward, Carl kissed Sarah lightly on the lips. Reaching round, Sarah held the back of his head and pulled him towards her, kissing him more deeply. "Fuck me Carl," she whispered, her lips briefly parting from his. Carl pushed forward, the head of his cock pressing into her entrance. Sarah rocked her hips upwards, guiding him in. "Mmmmmm, yessssss," she murmured as his cock slid slowly into her.

Feeling the warm wetness of Sarah's cunt engulf his prick, Carl began to slide in and out, his strokes slow and strong. Sarah bent her knees, pulling her legs back, opening herself up for him. "You feel so good in me, Carl," she purred, flexing the walls of her cunt around him as his cock filled her. "I love having you inside me," she added dreamily, her hands reaching down to grip his firm buttocks.

Lifting himself up, Carl craned his neck forward to tease Sarah's nipples with his tongue as his cock ploughed in and out. Sarah's hips rocked, meeting Carl on the deepest point of his thrust. Sarah murmured, a series of random pleasure filled sounds escaped from between her lips as Carl's teeth gently tugged on her nipples, his cock stroking in and out.

Their bodies moving together, the two lovers fucked with increasing intensity. "Harder!" Sarah moaned, digging her fingers into the cheeks of Carl's arse to urge him on. Rocking her hips she worked her mound against him, the friction against clit increasing her sensations.

Increasing his pace, Carl drove his cock in and out with increasing force. Sarah moaned below him, moving her body in time with his, rhythmically flexing the walls of her cunt around his shaft, gripping him tightly as he buried his cock in her warm, wet depths. "Don't stop!" Sarah urged, "Don't stop fucking me!" the movement of her hips becoming more and more frantic as the sensations in her clit intensified.

"Take me from behind!" Sarah demanded as her body's urgency increased. Carl pulled out and sat back as Sarah rolled over and positioned herself on all fours in front of him. As she opened her legs to reveal the enflamed lips of her cunt, Sarah turned and looked over her shoulder. "Now, fuck me, Carl!" she purred, "Fuck me hard!"

Carl gripped Sarah's hips and plunged his cock into her. "Yesssss!" Sarah cried as the walls of her cunt stretched around his shaft. Carl began to thrust. As his cock stroked in and out, Sarah pushed her hips back, meeting Carl's prick on the deepest point of its inward stroke. "Yes! Oh fuck, yesss!" Sarah cried as Carl's cock impaled her, filling her cunt from behind.

As their bodies collided, filling the room around them with the sound of skin slapping against skin, Sarah reached back between her legs to rub her clit as Carl's cock drove into her. Almost at once, her clit began to throb beneath her fingertips. A low, almost inaudible moan escaped from between her lips.

As her orgasm approached, Sarah became increasingly vocal. Spasms shook her as she began to lose control. "I'm coming, Carl! Ohhhh yesssss! I'm coming!" she cried as she slipped over the edge, surrendering herself to her passion. "Fuck!" she moaned, "Keep fucking me Carl! It feels sooooo good!"

Plunging in and out, Carl felt his own climax approach. "I'm going to come soon too," he said from between clenched teeth.

"I want you on top of me again," Sarah said, her body still shaking.

Carl pulled out and Sarah rolled over, spreading her legs wide to receive him. As he entered her, she pulled her legs back then gripped his buttocks with her fingers, forcing him in as deep as he would go as his hips began to surge forward again.

"That's it ... Oh God ... yes ... that's it ... Fuck me, Carl, Fuck me!" Sarah demanded, urging him on as his thrusts pinned her to the bed. Responding to her urgings, he increased his pace as the sensations took over. His breathing deepened. The rhythmic spasms of Sarah's cunt as it gripped his shaft added to his sense of urgency. "Come inside me, Carl," Sarah moaned as her orgasm re-ignited, "I want to feel you fill me with your cum."

With the pressure mounting, Carl felt himself approach the point of no return. His cock throbbed as he fought to hold back, prolonging the feeling of painful pleasure. The heat of Sarah's cunt and her almost silent urgings as she writhed and shook beneath him finally pushed him to the brink. "Oh fuck!" he cried as his body shuddered, his hips thrusting of their own volition.

Carl came, releasing his load deep inside Sarah. He slumped forward and Sarah held him close, burying her face between his neck and shoulder as his hips continued to thrust, his cock pumping his seed into her.

As their climaxes subsided they lay, still joined, basking in the afterglow of their shared pleasure.

Finally Carl rolled away and Sarah snuggled up beside him, kissing his cheek tenderly as he slowly recovered. "Thank you, Carl," Sarah whispered, kissing him again, "that was just what I needed."

Carl returned the kiss then shrugged. "And now, I guess, you have to go?" he sighed.

Sarah kissed him again. "Yes, I suppose I'd better had," she agreed with a rueful smile. "My husband will wonder if I'm out to much later and neither of us would like it much if your wife came home early and caught me here."

©Kilted Wookie May 2004


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