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An Expression Of Lust

An Expression Of Lust by Kilted Wookie Lying on her bed, Sarah's body tingled with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below her and wearing only a smile, she awaited his approach. Entering the bedroom, Carl saw her lying naked and proud as she awaited waited expectantly for him. Sarah's eyes shone with desire as Carl crossed the room and climbed on to the bed to kneel beside her. With a glance, he devoured her. With a smile, he lowered his face to hers. Their lips touched, igniting their passion. Sarah's hands explored Carl's firm body. He caressed her face tenderly as his tongue explored her mouth. As they kissed, Sarah reached down, almost absently, and began to stroke Carl's cock. As Sarah's fingers caressed his shaft, Carl sighed. "I'll have to do something about this," Sarah whispered softly, her fingers circling his thick rod. Carl smiled at her, his eyes appealing, telling Sarah, without words, exactly what he wanted her to do. Wasting n