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Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers by Kilted Wookie Smiling as he stepped out of the lift, John walked briskly through the hotel's front lobby and made his way to the bar. As he stepped through the doorway into the bar he spotted her, sitting at a table in the corner. As John walked towards her table she spotted him and raised her hand as he noticed a flash of recognition cross her face. As he bridged the distance between them, she gave him a slightly nervous smile. As she'd sat in the bar waiting for John, Emma had found it hard to believe that she was actually doing this. She'd hesitated about coming here for almost a month, changing her mind several times every day since she'd first agreed to this meeting. Even during the taxi journey from her place to the hotel where John was staying she had began composing a last minute text apologising that she wasn't going to be able to make it. The taxi had pulled into the hotel car park before Emma had had time to finish and send her messa

Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited by Kilted Wookie The early evening sun was still warm as Brian and Mandy walked, arm in arm, across the park. They paused briefly to watch a few overs of the cricket match that was being played in the oval at the park's centre before moving on again. All around them humanity thronged, enjoying the warmth of a summer's evening. Couples walked together, oblivious of the world around them, intent only on each other, children played in groups, people walked dogs and the occasional jogger pounded along the paths, the pace of their strides matching the beat of the music in their headphones. Although they walked with their arms around each others' waists, Mandy and Brian weren't like the other couples in the park. They weren't really a couple at all. They had been once, several years before, just after graduating from university, enjoying a brief, highly intense affair before their careers had taken different paths and they had drifted apart. Eight weeks.

The Train Home

The Train Home by Kilted Wookie Laughing as they raced along the platform, Sharon and David lept on to the train as the conductor's whistle blew. "Made it!" Sharon gasped as the carriage doors closed and locked behind her, her face flushed from the effort of their mad dash through the station. "Yeah! But only just!" David replied, his face as red as his girlfriend's. "Oops!" Sharon exclaimed, falling against her boyfriend as the train lurched into motion. She kissed him lightly then smiled. "C'mon," she said, "let's get a seat." Making their way down the aisle, swaying against the rocking motion of the deserted carriage, the young couple sat down at the first table seat, David taking the inside seat, Sharon snuggling up against him as she took the seat beside him. "Put your coat over me, Dave, I'm a bit chilly," Sharon complained. David did as he was asked as the conductor's voice crackled over the publ

An Expression Of Lust

An Expression Of Lust by Kilted Wookie Lying on her bed, Sarah's body tingled with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below her and wearing only a smile, she awaited his approach. Entering the bedroom, Carl saw her lying naked and proud as she awaited waited expectantly for him. Sarah's eyes shone with desire as Carl crossed the room and climbed on to the bed to kneel beside her. With a glance, he devoured her. With a smile, he lowered his face to hers. Their lips touched, igniting their passion. Sarah's hands explored Carl's firm body. He caressed her face tenderly as his tongue explored her mouth. As they kissed, Sarah reached down, almost absently, and began to stroke Carl's cock. As Sarah's fingers caressed his shaft, Carl sighed. "I'll have to do something about this," Sarah whispered softly, her fingers circling his thick rod. Carl smiled at her, his eyes appealing, telling Sarah, without words, exactly what he wanted her to do. Wasting n