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Oral Foreplay

Oral Foreplay
by Kilted Wookie

Lying on your bed, your body tingles with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below you and wearing only a smile, you await me. I see you lying naked and proud as I approach. Your eyes shine with desire as I climb on to the bed and kneel beside you. With a glance I devour you. With a smile I lower my face to yours.

Our lips touch, passion ignites. Your hands explore my body. I caress your face tenderly as my tongue explores your mouth.

As we kiss you reach down, almost absently, and begin to stroke my cock. As you touch me I sigh. Softly, you whisper, "I'll have to do something about this." I smile at you, my eyes appealing. Somehow, you know exactly what I want.

Wasting no time you make your way down my body, positioning yourself between my legs. You wrap the fingers of one hand around my cock and begin to move them slowly up and down. Leaning forward, you flick your tongue over the head and I moan appreciatively. Uncurling your fingers, You swirl your tongue around my shaft then lick along the underside, all the way from my balls to the tip.

I moan and sigh as your tongue teases me, licking up and down then swirling around the head. I bring my knees up and you lean forward, nestling my cock between your breasts. You begin to move your body up and down, exciting me as your nipples brush against the insides of my thighs, my cock sliding easily along the length of your cleavage. The short hairs on the inside of my thighs tickle your sensitive nipples as you move, sending fiery bolts of electricity through your body.

You push your breasts together, wrapping them around my cock. My hips rock as you begin to fuck me with your tits. Your tongue flicks out over tip of my cock, causing me to moan again as my body tenses.

Your eyes flash hungrily as you lick your lips. Slowly, you open your mouth and begin to move closer. Holding my cock steadily in place with one hand, you lower your head. "Oh fuck, yes!" you hear me gasp as your lips encircle my knob and you draw me into your mouth. You swirl your tongue around my knob then slowly begin to slide your lips down my shaft. You glance up and catch me watching, knowing how much I love to watch my cock disappear into your mouth. You cup my balls and gently squeeze them as your lips travel up and down my shaft.

Your head moves up and down. My cock slides in and out of your mouth. At the top of each stroke you swirl your tongue around the head then flick across the slit, causing my hips to surge towards you.

Sucking hard, your lips slide down my shaft, taking as much of my cock as possible into your mouth. I lift my hand to your head, winding my fingers in your hair as the moist warmth of your mouth drives me wild. You wrap your fingers around the base of my shaft and move your hand in time with your mouth. Still cupping and squeezing my balls with your free hand, your mouth and other hand slide up and down in tandem. It feels like the whole length of my cock is disappearing into your mouth.

My breathing deepens. I moan louder as your mouth glides up and down my shaft. You vary the pace. First slow and gentle than hard and fast then slow again.

The bucking of my hips becomes more frantic as your mouth draws me towards the inevitable conclusion. I hold your head lightly in place as I fuck your mouth, thrusting my cock into you as your lips tighten around me.

I'm getting close, you can feel my cock begin to twitch. "I can't take much more," you hear me say, smiling inwardly as you note the strain in my voice.

You let my cock slip briefly from between your lips. You smile then say, "That's all right. I want you to come. That way you'll last so much longer when you fuck me."

Your tongue flicks over my knob then your lips engulf it again. As my hips press forward, my cock slipping between your lips, my knob sliding against the roof of your mouth, you push me down then slide your lips up until only the very tip of my swollen prick is in your mouth. Sucking hard, you grip my shaft between your thumb and forefinger and begin rub up and down. You feel my body stiffen as you drive me ever closer to the edge.

My pulse races. My breathing deepens. With every ounce of strength I possess, I try to hold back, prolonging the moment of exquisite pain as my climax approaches.

With your lips securely wrapped around the head of my cock, you let your mouth relax in readiness. You tilt your head back and our eyes meet. You wink, teasing me as much with your eyes as with your fingers and mouth.

As the fingers of one hand stroke my shaft, you give my balls one final, gentle squeeze with the other. Unable to endure any more, I feel my balls contract. I feel my seed boil up through my prick as, with a growl of sheer animal lust, I let go.

My cock erupts, filling your mouth with thick streams of cum. Still sucking on my tortured cock, you swallow it quickly, savouring the sensations as my cream trickles down your throat. As my climax subsides, you let the last of my cum pool in your mouth, letting it linger on your tastebuds before swallowing it down.

As my cock slips from between your lips, a small trace of cum dribbles down your chin. Looking me in the eye you lick your lips and smile, making a show of wiping your chin and licking your fingers before sucking the last few drops from my rapidly diminishing cock.

You move up beside me and kiss me lightly on the cheek as I struggle to regain control. "I hope there's more where that came from," you purr as you press your body against mine.

"There will be, don't worry," I manage to say, "Just give me some time to recover." I kiss you then smile, feeling your body warm against mine. "While we're waiting for that, why don't you let me repay the compliment?" I ask before kissing your lips again.

My lips move from your mouth, kissing your face, your hair, your ears. My hands slide over your skin as I begin to move down.

You begin to moan softly. As I gently nibble your neck and shoulders you squirm with pleasure beneath me, digging your fingers into my back. You put your hands on my shoulders, pushing me down further. The flames of your passion are fanned higher as my tongue traces the outline of your breasts.

A fine layer of saliva coats your soft globes. "Yesss...," you murmur softly as my hands glide over the wet skin. You sigh as my hands squeeze and push your breasts together, my tongue flicking over your nipples, alternating back and forth, over and over, slowly driving you wild. I suck one, then the other into my mouth, my tongue flicking their swollen tips. A thumb and finger delicately tease one nipple while my teeth bite softly down on the other. You begin to lose all sense of time as your breasts take all the attention of my hands and mouth.

After what seems like an age I start to move downwards again. I kiss your stomach. As my final destination approaches your body responds to my touch. You stretch out, your legs open, you feel my hand run lightly up the inside of your thighs, approaching but never quite touching its goal. My tongue replaces my hand. As it glides up the inside of your thigh you feel my warm breath against your moist lower lips as my mouth approaches. You shudder with anticipation as you wait to feel my tongue slip between the moist folds of your cunt.

Suddenly I'm gone, my tongue snakes away only to approach again, this time up the other thigh. Again and again I draw close then retreat, teasing you mercilessly. The frustration is unbearable. I hear you pleading with me not to tease you, begging me to quench your fire with my tongue.

Without any warning my tongue flicks lightly over your clit. You moan, your body shudders as my tongue sends bolts of pleasure through your highly charged body. Your lips part as my tongue pushes between them. Slowly, I begin to caress your most sensitive flesh with broad strokes of my tongue. I lap at your opening, tasting the juices that flow so freely from within.

I push my head forward, working my tongue inside you. Your cunt contracts, trying to grip as I dart my tongue in and out.

Absently, you play with your breasts as I fuck you with my mouth. As your hands brush over your nipples you feel the first stirrings of your climax approach. The sensations from below begin to take over and you surrender yourself to them. You shudder as I suck your enflamed lower lips into my mouth. You moan with pleasure as I gently nibble them with my teeth. Your back arches as my lips fasten on your clit, sucking as my tongue flicks its tip.

As I lick I insert one then two fingers into you. You feel me twist them around inside you. My fingers stroke in and out as I lick and suck your clit.

The pressure inside you mounts. You squeeze your nipples, adding to your sensations as you feel the need to release grow. As your body begins to shake, I feel you reach down and grip my head, pulling me harder against you. You moan as your climax approaches. My fingers in your cunt and my tongue against your clit drive you relentlessly onward.

"Yesss! That's it!" I hear you cry. The walls of your cunt contract, gripping my fingers tightly inside you. My tongue teases your clit, keeping you just below boiling point, not applying enough pressure to tip you over the edge.

Your movements become wilder. Your moans become louder. Your whole body cries out for release. Slowly, deliberately, I hold you on the precipice of your orgasm for what seems like an eternity as I savour your taste.

Finally, I relent. My tongue applies a little more pressure to your bud. It's all too much for you. My fingers in your cunt, my tongue on your clit and your own hands on your breasts, your fingers teasing your nipples push you over the edge.

You come, loudly and violently. Your body flails wildly, your hips buck against the mattress forcing you harder against my mouth as your climax washes over you.

Somehow I sense that, despite your release, you don't want me to stop. Gentler now, with less urgency, my tongue continues to trace its way back and forth between your lips, occasionally dipping inside then flicking across your clit. Moaning and crying out my name, you ride the waves of your orgasm as your climax peaks, subsides and peaks again.

My tongue is tender yet relentless. Each stroke against your clit sends another wave of sensations crashing over you. Your eyes are closed and your body writhes from side to side at the merest touch of my tongue.

Finally, you reach the point where my tongue and fingers are no longer enough. With an extreme effort of will, you reach down and push my head away.

I move up beside you and hold you in my arms as your body continues to shake. You turn to kiss me. You can taste yourself on my lips. Slowly, as control returns to your limbs and your body becomes your own once more, you look hungrily into my eyes. Without words, you convey your need. Lying face to face, you hook one leg over mine and, as we kiss, you roll on to your back, pulling me on top of you...

©Kilted Wookie July 2002


  1. Enjoyed myself as I enjoyed that one :)

  2. Well, this is a lovely afternoon distraction.

  3. Such a hot story. I love foreplay like this! And I love reading a story that includes both fellatio and cunnilingus :)
    Thanks for linking this to The Oral Sex Project!
    Rebel xox


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