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Oral Foreplay

Oral Foreplay by Kilted Wookie Lying on your bed, your body tingles with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below you and wearing only a smile, you await me. I see you lying naked and proud as I approach. Your eyes shine with desire as I climb on to the bed and kneel beside you. With a glance I devour you. With a smile I lower my face to yours. Our lips touch, passion ignites. Your hands explore my body. I caress your face tenderly as my tongue explores your mouth. As we kiss you reach down, almost absently, and begin to stroke my cock. As you touch me I sigh. Softly, you whisper, "I'll have to do something about this." I smile at you, my eyes appealing. Somehow, you know exactly what I want. Wasting no time you make your way down my body, positioning yourself between my legs. You wrap the fingers of one hand around my cock and begin to move them slowly up and down. Leaning forward, you flick your tongue over the head and I moan appreciatively. Uncurling your fingers,