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Seònaid's Big Night In

Seònaid's Big Night In by Kilted Wookie We had been seeing each other for around three months and apart from the odd quickie when her flatmate was out we hadn't really been able to get up to much. You can imagine my reaction when Seònaid told me that she would have the flat to herself all weekend because her flatmate was visiting her boyfriend in Manchester. I arrived at her door about eight. It had been over a week since we had last seen each other (my work takes me all over the country) and I had been looking forward to that night for days. Seònaid opened the door and I was stunned by what I saw. She had made herself up and she had obviously spent ages on her hair. She was wearing stockings, a flimsy little camisole and an oriental silk dressing gown that she knew was one of my favourites. Before we had even got the door closed I had pinned her to the wall and kissed her. I kicked the door shut with my foot as I explored her mouth with my tongue. I could tell that she had bee