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Eye Contact

Eye Contact by Kilted Wookie Head back, eyes closed, he sighed a contented sigh as her lips slid down his length, taking his cock into the warm confines of her mouth. She knew what he liked, how he liked to be sucked; the pace, the pressure - she sucked his cock with a practised ease. Content, for once, to be the passive partner, to let her take the lead, he allowed himself to relax, to enjoy the attentions of her mouth fully. Her lips caressed, her tongue teased, her thumbs pressed the presure points inside his thighs that heightened his sensations. The pressure grew. She sucked a little harder, moved her mouth a little faster; his breathing deepened and became more rapid. She could taste his approach, feel the tension mounting in his groin. His soft moans turned to gasps as he thought to maintain an element of control, prolonging his pleasure. He opened his eyes and looked down. Their eyes met and she returned his gaze. As he sank into those icy blue pools he released, filling her mo
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Fast And Furious

Fast And Furious by Kilted Wookie With the front door barely closed behind her, Steve's lips were on Sarah's. Her suit jacket fell to the floor, her blouse undone, her bra pushed down and his thumbs were playing roughly with her nipples. As Sarah hurriedly attempted to unbuckle Steve's belt and unbutton and unzip his jeans, he slid a hand up under her skirt. “Good girl” he growled, discovering that, as per his earlier instruction, Sarah's knickers have already been removed. Without warning, he thrust two fingers up inside her cunt. “You’re so fucking wet!” he half whispered, half growled, “You’re just gagging for my cock, aren’t you, you filthy little slut?” It wasn’t really a question, more of an observation as he drove his fingers deeper into her; his thumb, pressed against Sarah's aching clit. “Yes!” Sarah moaned, partly in answer to his enquiry, but more because his forceful finger-fucking breached the dam of her frustrated anticipation and unleashed her orgasm.

Watching As Punishment

Watching As Punishment by Kilted Wookie "Can you come over?" Rob's voice at the end of the line sounded more like a command than a request. "I need to teach Hannah a lesson." When Clara arrived at their house, Rob was smartly dressed. Hannah, however, was naked, gagged, and tied very firmly to an uncomfortable looking wooden chair in the living room. Her ankles were bound to the legs of the chair, and her wrists were tied behind her back. “She has been getting above herself recently,” Rob explained. “She needs to be taught how a proper slut behaves towards her Master.” Rob sat down, a glass of whisky in hand as he he made a show of eyeing Clara suggestively up and down. Hannah watched, eyes downcast. "Strip!" he commanded. Clara did as she was told and stood before him. "Get yourself a cushion," Rob said pleasantly, “a good, obedient slut doesn’t deserve to get sore knees,” he explained. His words were as much for Hannah as they were for Clar

Claiming Jane

Claiming Jane by Kilted Wookie Jane assumes the required position; bent over with her skirt flipped up over her back and her knickers around her ankles. Her cunt is wet. The anticipation builds her arousal. My finger trails over her arse. A shiver runs up her spine. My hand slaps down. Jane's skin smarts at my touch. Again and again; my hand rains down on Jane's upturned arse. Her cunt grows wetter with every slap. I can almost feel the heat spread across Jane's soft cheeks. It stings; a delicious tingling of pain that makes her catch her breath. Her face reddens, tears rise in Jane's eyes. Each strike of my hand creates a wonderful juxtaposition of pain and pleasure. I slide a finger between the lips of Jane's cunt; feeling her warmth, testing her wetness. My hands grip her hips. A soft moan escapes from between Jane's lips. Moments pass; an eternity of anticipation. I feel her brace herself as my fingers tighten their grip, digging deeper into her flesh. With


Splash by Kilted Wookie She kneels before him; mouth open, expectant like a hungry chick. He stands before her; his cock hard, the head, a swollen, angry purple. She knew she had been bad; some unknown transgression against him. Her arse still stung from the kiss of his belt. Now, as their guests look on, he intends to humiliate her. She waits as he works his fingers up and down his cock with long, slow, majestic strokes; each one bringing her ever closer to the moment of her humiliation. “Worthless slut!” he growls. The tension in his voice betrays how close he is. “Filthy little slut!” Her cunt grows hot and wet. She squirms uncomfortably against the ropes that bind her wrists to her ankles, feeling them dig roughly into her skin as her movements cause the knots to tighten. She waits willingly for her humiliation; for him to show their guests just what a worthless filthy slut she is; to demonstrate his contempt for whatever she has done to displease him. His cock twitches in his hand

The Sounds He Makes

The Sounds Makes by Kilted Wookie He sighed as she took him into her mouth. The sighs turned to contented groans as she worked her lips up and down his shaft. The groans were accompanied by spasmodic jerks of his hips as she tongued the tip of his cock's swollen head. "You're so good," he whispered, "I love how you suck my cock." She loved hearing his words of compliment, and sucked him harder. She was aware of the rustle of the sheet below them as he squirmed, his movements becoming increasingly less controlled. His breathing became increasingly laboured as she focused on his pleasure. His cock twitched in her mouth, each spasm accompanied by a moan. "Oh fuck... Oh fuck..." His words vocalised his increasing tension as she brought him towards his climax. His head tossed, fingers gripped her shoulder. "Oh... Oh... Aaaahhh... Fuck..." She could taste his approach, feel it as well as hear it. Every sound he made told her that she had taken


Marked by Kilted Wookie Her skin was marked. Hot lines, angry lines; such a contrast from the pale, soft white skin between them. They were the lingering evidence of the belt's kiss. In her mind, she relived the thrashing; feeling the hot tears on her face as she was made to count each stinging lash. Just as it had when the leather had bit, she felt her cunt grow moist as she remembered each impact. The anticipation, the sound of the belt as it swished through the air, followed by the crack of contact on her backside had an almost comfortable familiarity; a pace and rhythm that repetition did not dull. The crisp sharpness of each lash delivered a measured dose of pain and pleasure, each one building on the last. She had maintained a determined silence at first, uttering only the count of each stroke through clenched teeth. His delivery was, however, as merciless as it was precise. The pain intensified with each caress until each count was punctuated with sobs. Lost within that plac


Signs by Kilted Wookie Mascara streaked tears ran down her face, across cheeks flushed red with pain and arousal. The imprint of the rope, with its coils and knots crossed her skin; a pink swelling, evidence of how she'd struggled against it, pulling it tighter, digging into her flesh. Angry crimson welts, such a sharp contrast against the otherwise pale whiteness of her skin, burned across her buttocks, a market testament to the kiss of his belt where it had rained down on her. Her smudged lipstick, a silent witness of how he had taken his pleasure from her mouth; her jaw ached and her throat was hoarse, a pleasant reminder of how he had used her. Thick, sticky white globs of his essence on her her neck and over her breasts; a sign of his release. She barely noticed its warmth as it trickled over her skin, so inconsequential in comparison to the heat of her recently thrashed backside. His arms wrapped tightly but tenderly around her, holding her close; comforting and supporting he


Continue by Kilted Wookie The pressure mounts. As it always does, her mouth works its magic. Her tongue coats my shaft with a warm film of saliva, her lips glide along my length. "Ahhh! Good girl!" I sigh as she takes me deep; the head of my cock lodging in the back of her throat. She knows what I like. Experience has taught her to read my body's signs; that language of arousal and desire in which she is so fluent. My breathing quickens as her tongue flicks over the engorged head. "Yessss," I hiss from between clenched teeth. Up and down, her lips travel. My cock, sensitised by her attention, can so easily distinguish the difference between the temperature of the air, and the warm of her mouth as her lips move back and forth. She knows what I like. She knows what my cock likes. She knows just what it takes to bring me to the brink and not boil over; to keep me simmering, to extend my pleasure. I enjoy her mouth. My cock enjoys her mouth. She assures me that her

All By Herself

All By Herself by Kilted Wookie Emma’s hands glide over her soft skin. She moans, softly, as she cups her breasts and begins to caress them. Her nipples stiffen, and Emma closes her eyes; murmuring in dreamy contentment as she teases them; pinching and tugging them gently before allowing her hands to travel. Tentatively, Emma slides a finger between her labia, tracing the warm, moisture on their surface. Unconsciously she raises it to her mouth, tasting herself; savouring her own rich, intoxicating flavour. Emma’s fingers return, teasing her clit, sliding between her silken lower lips. The excitement mounts inexorably, contractions grip, Emma’s heart pounds. Not yet! Slow down! Make it last… Reluctantly her hand retreats from her clit and again, she licks her fingers clean. Fire burns. Emma’s body is alive with expectation of release as she caresses herself all over. Like iron to a magnet her fingers are unconsciously drawn towards her clit and she needs every ounce of willpower she po